How to Clean Your Carpet

Posted on: October 02, 2017
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Carpets are cozy home decorations. As much as they beautify homes and offices, they can be a hassle when we get them stained and can’t remove the stains. But how do we get carpet stains out? We have some advice that will make your carpet clean and durable.

Test your carpet for colorfastness:

Most US based cleaning companyhave seen all kinds of carpets, but carpets that are not colorfast are frustrating because the colors will bleach off after cleaning. To check; take a white cloth, dampen it with hydrogen peroxide, put the cloth on a small part of the carpet. After 45 minutes, remove the cloth and blot the damp part with a dry white cloth, if the white cloth is stained by the carpet color then the carpet is not colorfast.

Deep clean your carpet regularly:

No matter how careful you are, stains and dirt will get to your carpet, therefore basic cleaning of your carpet is not enough. We advice that our clients deep clean their carpets regularly for at least every six months. There are different methods, you can use the water extraction method or the dry extraction method. Deep cleaning your carpet is a thorough method to get the dirt and stains out.

Steam cleaner - water extraction method:

You have to cautiously use the steam cleaner so that you don’t damage your carpet. Do not overwet the carpet, because doing so will weaken the carpet underlayment and this would eventually shrink the carpet. Too much water will also cause discoloration and cause your carpet to smell. Avoid steam cleaners that require water hookup, it’s too much stress carrying a water hose around the house.

Dry extraction method:

•You may have heard little or nothing about dry extraction carpet cleaning, but a pro US based cleaning company we definitely know enough about it to tell you it’s a brilliant substitute for the traditional water extraction machine. It is quick and doesn’t get the carpet wet. The dry extraction method use pre-moistened powder. The powder is sprinkled on the carpet, then with a carpet machine brush, spread into the carpet. After some minutes, get a vacuum cleaner and drain out the powder which has already absorbed the dirt in the carpet. All these can be done in an hour. Get a dry extraction machine. It is good for all carpet type.

DIY method to clean your carpet: First rule, don’t rub the carpet, gently blot instead. Use a white cloth always. Most stains can be removed using an ordinary shaving cream. Apply the shaving cream to the stained part. After 30 minutes, blot with a white cloth. Then spray a mixture of vinegar and water and wipe with a dry white cloth. Accumulation of stains and dirt will reduce the durability of your carpet so always look out for the best US based cleaning service to help with your cleaning whenever the problem gets out of hand.