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7 rooms and 1 kitchen apartment


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The estate has a thick vegetation with bamboo grove of reeds, secular oak trees and linden trees. On the back of the real estate there are a secular live oaks and a large Laurus Camphorae of the XVII Century. In the garden there is a circular pool and it is surrounded by several kinds of trees and plants such as palms, ancient rose gardens, live oaks and a big cedar that hides the facade of the villa.

The exterior side keeps still intact the style of the XVI-XVII Centuries, otherwise the interior of the villa has been modified in consequence of the taste of the last owners. In fact, owner created the Neo-Rococo plasters of the end of 1800 and furnishings and plastering to the style of the florentine villas of that time.


Price: $434,900

5 E 42nd St Bsmt New York,
NY 10017 United States

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5 E 42nd St Bsmt New York, NY 10017 United States

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